If you are a DBS Member you’ve got 3 options to get registered for the Big Game:

Option 1: Complete the form below and we can send you “quote” where you can complete the order.

Fill out this form and we will shot you over an email where you can complete the payment to prepay for the event!

Option 2: Register by paying the “admission fee.”

to one of the teams here online to secure your spot. That fee will basically be your deposit to the event, that can be applied to paintballs you purchase at the event! We can “adjust” orders, so this won’t be an issue at the game for you, just let us know you are a member at check-in. Also – if you go this route and want to modify your order, just shoot an email to danny@doodlebugsportz.com and I can get your order adjusted for you!

Option 3: Just Show Up!

This is the worst option, but as a member you can just show up to the event. This requires the most time at check-in, and slows down the whole process for everyone, but it is an option.