Windsor Salt Collective Agreement

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More than 225 Windsor Salt employees have ratified a new collective agreement. The Ojibway Salt Mine was inaugurated in 1959 as part of the Canadian Salt Company Limited. The company was renamed K-S Windsor Salt Ltd. in 2014. The company is a subsidiary of Morton Salt, Inc. and both are part of the K-S Group, the world`s largest producer of salt. Windsor Salt employees have a new collective agreement. Wark believes the future is bright for the salt industry in Windsor. The inhabitants represent three units – office staff, stone salt along the fine salt used. About K-S Windsor Salt Ltd.K-S Windsor Salt Ltd. is headquartered in Pointe-Claire, Quebec and employs approximately 800 people across Canada. The famous Windsor brand has been a part of Canadian life since 1893. Today, the Windsor portfolio includes a wide range of high-end products for consumers, businesses and industry, from culinary salts and water softening salts to de-gingling products and pool salts.

For more information, please visit, which also means that new employees will be immediately hired at the office and the salt mine. WINDSOR, ON, July 25, 2016 /CNW/ – K-S Windsor Salt Ltd. today announced that the expansion of its Ojibway salt mine in Windsor, Ontario, is in service as part of the company`s commitment to improve its salt production needs and capacity in Canada. K-S Windsor Salt employs more than 225 people at its Ojibway salt mine and employs more than 800 people across Canada. The company has an extensive network of salt production sites throughout the country, designed to produce and package, ready to be salted for consumption and industry purposes. The Ojibway salt mine mainly produces gem salt, used for commercial and consumer purposes, to keep Canadian roads, roads and sidewalks safe during the winter season. In addition, the mine produces salt that is used for various applications, including water softening. On an annual basis, the Ojibway salt mine is capable of producing up to 3 million tonnes of salt. “This is one of the most important developments in the mine`s history,” said Mike Soave, director of the Ojibway salt mine. “As a long-time employer and member of the Windsor community, we are very pleased with the support of our company and the local union to advance this important expansion.” “They have made quite significant investments in the Windsor area in the salt and Ojibway mines, and the future is bright for both sites,” says Wark. “There has been an increase in benefits, pensions, wages and the elimination of growth during the post-retirement benefit period,” says Wark.

Local President Bill Wark says there have been some increases and improvements. Unifor Local 1959 President Bill Wark told CTV News of his union and the 240 local workers are happy to move forward. For more information: Media Contacts: Lindsay Caradonna, Ketchum Public Relations, 416-355-7413, [email protected] Image with the caption: “Windsor Salt (CNW Group/Windsor Salt)”. Image available at: The company and the union entered into a three-year contract on Thursday morning after the expiry of the old contract last Wednesday. The expansion project is in the final stages of engineering and planning. The infrastructure changes needed to move to the next stage will begin in 2017, with production expected to begin in 2018. Over the next five years, the company will invest more than $60 million to expand to the next level of mineral exploration, about 400 feet below the current level.