What Elements Should An Apprenticeship Agreement Contain

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This is specific to apprenticeships – an employment contract for standard workers is not enough for an apprentice. Because apprentices who work under an apprenticeship contract work with their employer under an employment contract, they are entitled to a salary under national minimum wage schemes. The reason you struggle to find advice on how to write a contract for apprentices is that they don`t need to stand out from a regular employment contract. Apprentices are subject to all labour laws, whether or not they are included in the contract. With regard to severance pay and laws, an apprentice has the same rights and restrictions as a regular worker. This will not change until one month after the end of the apprenticeship, if an employer can decide to let him go before offering a new job. This means that an apprentice who works under an apprenticeship contract has the same labour law rights as other workers. The agreement is one of two documents that all interns must sign before the program begins. The other required document is called an explanation of the apprenticeship obligation, which is an agreement between the apprentice, the employer and the training provider.

Both documents are usually signed during learning. Before the program begins, the employer and apprentice sign an apprenticeship contract that explains the main details of the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship contract must also include a statement on the skills, occupation or profession for which the apprentice is trained in the apprenticeship. Below, order a reminder from Lifetime Training`s team of experts to understand your next steps in setting up an apprenticeship. Lifetime gives experts insight into the evolution and commissioning of your program and can provide resources such as learning contract templates. The contract you are preparing must cover the basic details of their role in the same way as for any other employee. This data includes their working time, rate of pay, and vacation benefits and benefits. They should also make it clear what their job description is and what they are asked to play in that role.