Vodacom Service Level Agreement

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114. Up and down migrations may result in a one-time activation fee for the service, according to the product catalog available on Vodacom`s 151 website. Data transfer is only available on the same Vodacom Fibre service from the account holder. Transfers between different Fibre services to the same account holder are not allowed. 94. Example: a customer with a 24-month price plan that terminates his contract at the 12th month is required to pay all fees that Vodacom paid on behalf of the customer to the network manager (ONT installation fee, service activation fee). Costs are calculated as follows: 24 months – 12 months X total charge of the network operator / 24. 56. If the customer terminates the Vodacom Fibre service after the network manager installs the NT, the customer is not responsible by default. 34.4.

Optional services such as mobile back-up and devices such as Intermittent Power (ASI). 16. Vodacom Fibre is only available in selected urban areas. 6. Vodacom has partnered with third-party network providers to provide the network infrastructure through which Vodacom Fibre provides services as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 74. Vodacom Fibre services are subject to an UPF. 32.

Any adjustment or modification of additional services and prices or services is communicated in writing or for any other appropriate termination period for 30 days depending on the circumstances. 64. Any use of a customer`s router for additional SSIS is free for the customer and has no influence on customer service 66. Vodacom will endeavour to limit the events of service interruptions to the Vodacom Fibre service and its duration. 63. The customer gives Vodacom the right to set up the router for an additional identifying service (SSIDs) to allow for additional services. 39. Vodacom Fibre prices, as stated in www.vodacom.co.za/fibre, may change from time to time and new prices are communicated to the Customer after 30 days of written notification or other reasonable notice, as required by circumstances.

112. The customer can migrate to any other Vodacom Fibre service by addressing one of the customer`s contact points and filing the request. 57. The following devices linked to the Vodacom Fibre service are installed at the customer`s home: 69. If the Vodacom Fibre service outage is attributed to the Vodacom Fibre facility or a customer`s customer equipment, Vodacom will try to correct the error remotely, or a service team will be sent to the customer`s premises to correct the error. 30. In the event of termination of a Vodacom Fibre service contract for the initial term of the contract, an early termination penalty for all remaining subscriptions due for the initial term applies.