Office Share Agreement Sample

In by Danny

Office sharing agreements are common among compatible professional groups such as lawyers, website developers and financial planners. Regardless of the nature of your business agreement, an office-sharing agreement is convenient when two or more professionals share the same office space. A strong agreement on office sharing should include sections: each party must maintain its own library and acquire additional research and training materials at its own expense. The use of research and teaching materials may be shared with other parties, but remains the exclusive property of the party purchasing it. A typical agreement on the shared use of office resources may appear as follows: Each party must equip its personal office at its own expense, provided that the furniture and decorations meet generally accepted professional standards of quality and appearance. Parties may purchase and make available, in common or in person, furniture, carpets, curtains, wall coverings and other furniture for all common areas of the offices, including staff workspaces, waiting and reception rooms, conference rooms, classrooms and rooms. All of these items are added to Appendix A with a mention of ownership and value. However, each party makes its own office equipment available for the use of its staff, including, but not limited to, typewriters, calculators, computers, printers and similar devices. The parties agree on the nature or nature of the binders to be used and their colour, and each party provides filing cabinets for their own use and at their own expense. Expenses are allocated to each of the parties as follows: space costs (rent, incidental costs and improvements to the building, depreciation of publicly owned furniture, etc.) are allocated to the specialized office, the secretariat and the sections of the file. The costs of occupying the reception room, waiting room, library, conference room and hallways are shared equally by the parties. Library fees for research and training materials, online services and subscription services are equally distributed.