Learning Agreement Erasmus Uni Hohenheim

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In accordance with the DD agreements, future DD students must pass their second year of study at the University of Insubria from September to July and receive at least 42 ECTS points if they come from Jena and 60 ECTS points if they come from Hohenheim. Send the full exchange program that you received, prior to mobility, in the form of a PDF file [email protected] When you complete your application online, students must indicate the exchange program as a “double degree (International Business and Economics).” Students must e-mail the registration protocols and the learning agreement to Mr. Lars Banzhaf, [email protected] studying abroad is a unique opportunity for personal improvement not only from an academic and professional point of view, but also with regard to language learning, intercultural skills, autonomy and self-confidence. A dual degree offers more chances of finding employment in companies and international organisations, as well as in all sectors that need European candidates. Currently, the Ministry of Economy has two dual contract contracts with Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and the University of Hohenheim. The first agreement covers both the GEEM: Economics of Innovation (EI) and International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) master`s programmes, while the second only concerns the EI programme. To obtain the dual degree, GEEM students selected in the studies must complete their second year of study at the partner university in Germany and reach at least 42 ECTS points of the required programs in Jena and 60 ECTS points in Hohenheim – as indicated by their apprenticeship contract. All dual study courses are taught in English. Dipl.oec. Bettina ScheuingAssise of the Dean of StudyErasmus Departmental CoordinatorTel. The two masters [email protected] of studies www.wiso.uni-hohenheim.de/internationales in Hohenheim and M`ster All selected students must complete the apprenticeship contract, the following instructions in the correspondence table (ask for the help of the Committee in two degrees: please contact Professor Elena Maggi in [email protected], Prof Alberto Onetti at [email protected] or Prof Carlo Brambilla at [email protected] – always in CC Mrs Gabriella Franchi in [email protected]). The Learning Agreement (LA) is a contract between students, the university of origin and the partner university.30 ECTS credits (a normal semester workload at the host university) must be provided if you participate in the erasmus programme.

THE LA all courses that are taken abroad. The LA is a precondition for the mobility grant and consists of three parts: the Institute of Economics has concluded with the Faculty of Economics, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart a double-concluding contract involving MSc GEEM and MSc in International Business and Economics. This agreement only concerns the GEEM master`s specialisation in innovation economics (EI).