Balance Agreement Fingrid

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Fingrid is responsible for maintaining a continuous balance of power in Finland and the national imbalance compensation regime. Each party active in the electricity market must constantly deal with its current account, i.e. it must maintain a continuous balance of power between its electricity production/purchase and its consuming turnover. In practice, a party in the electricity market cannot do it alone, which is why it must have an open supplier to balance the party`s record. A party whose open supplier is Fingrid is designated as responsible for the balance. The open delivery between Fingrid and a party responsible for the balance is agreed by a balance service contract, the conditions of which are public and equal to all. In addition, the responsible party signs a compensation agreement with eSett Oy (for more information, see With the signing of the compensatory compensation agreement, the responsible party receives, in addition to an open delivery, services related to the imbalance compensation scheme between the responsible party, Fingrid and eSett. In its activities, the responsible party must comply with the manual (Annex 1 and 2) relating to the obligation of national equilibrium and the imbalance compensation scheme, as well as the Nordic imbalance regulation manual, which is in force at some point.

We determine electricity balances and offer those responsible a flow of imbalance. The Nordic Balancing Model (NBM) is a joint effort of the Nordic GRTs, Svenska Kraftnat, Energinet, Fingrid and Statnett. The Nordic TRM signed the compensation cooperation agreement in March 2018. Svenska kraftnat and Statnett are Common Service Providers (CSP) with the responsibility of providing common services for the compensation of Scandinavians. The Steering Committee (NBSC) is the strategic and final steering committee for the program`s decision-making. For media requests, please visit the four TRM website for contact information.