As Collective Agreement Bereavement Leave

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If a member of the worker`s family dies, the worker is entitled to a wage leave. This bereavement leave, as determined by the worker, must include the date of the memorial commemorating the deceased or begin within two (2) days of death. During this period, the worker is paid for days that are not regularly provided for the worker. In addition, the worker may be granted up to three (3) days of paid leave for death-related travel. 4.2.3 A permanent employee whose employment model is not within the scope of item 4.2.2 receives his or her entitlement to annual leave during the end-of-year period, unless otherwise agreed. It amounts to 8% in the first year of eligibility of the worker. Thereafter, the fee is 4 weeks of annual leave. 4.2.1 The provisions of the Leave Act 2003 apply to annual leave. In the event that it is not certain that a day of work is a work day for the worker, employers and workers must consider the following factors in point in order to reach agreement on this issue. Leave is granted in the event of the death of the spouse, service provider or one of the following relationships of a salaried worker, spouse or beneficiary: the parent, legal guardian, step-parent, grandparent, grandson, son, daughter, stepchild, brother, sister or wife of one of them; If a parent`s funeral is outside the province, workers who have received a 3-day funeral leave may be entitled to an additional day`s leave for payment to attend the funeral.

A worker who needs work leave may be granted special leave, without loss of pay, in the worker`s workplace, with the agreement of a senior civil servant. The maximum leave available in this article is ten (10) working days per calendar year, unless the employer is allowed additional bereavement leave in accordance with point 38.03. The circumstances in which special leave may be permitted are governed by section 38.02 and are subject to the maximum annual number of working days: 50.04 The parties acknowledge that the circumstances that require bereavement leave are due to individual circumstances. On request, the President may, after taking into account the particular circumstances, grant leave with a salary greater than and/or other than that provided by clauses 50.01 and 50.02. Adult and Community Training Personnel (ACE) in the School Collective Agreement, effective January 28, 2020 to January 27, 2022 We are improving our print download functionality, so if you want a print copy of this agreement, download the PDF version of the adult and community education staff in schools.