Advanced Subscription Agreement (Asa)

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The use of an ASA has benefits for both investors and the company. It may be more convenient for the company, because in order to issue shares, a company must be evaluated formally and professionally to determine the value of the shares. This can be a long-term process that can prevent the company from receiving the investment. Implementation of an agreement will speed up the transfer of funds without the formal protocol, which will then be finalized at a later date. In addition, the existence of advanced underwriting agreements in progress may discourage future investors in future financing cycles, as ASA holders receive shares at a discount and therefore a larger share of equity for advanced funds than new investors. In order to prove a concept, start negotiating or close a funding gap, some companies raise funds through convertible bonds or advanced underwriting agreements (ASAs) instead of going directly into an equity financing cycle (i.e., issuing shares in exchange for funds). You can create a SeedFAST chord on SeedLegals in less than 10 minutes. SeedFAST agreements are designed to be fast and simple so that everyone can conclude their agreement at any time. But be sure to check the questions and tutorials carefully, and press the Chat button for all the questions – we`re here to help them. Our team of legal and financial experts will check your agreement as soon as it is ready to sign for your investors. Sign up to create a SeedFAST. From the investor`s point of view, ASAs are slightly less advantageous than CLNs in the event of liquidation, as bondholders are higher than shareholders.

In addition, unlike NLCs, no interest will be borne by the funds. Although the valuation of the company does not necessarily have to be negotiated when asS is formed, consideration should be given to the price per share that the ASA should convert on the date of Longstop (provided it has not converted as part of a share or share sale). Since ASAs are always converted into shares, an ASA should always have a “long-stop” date when the ASA is converted to shares, when there has been no equity or sale cycle. The date of longstop in an ASA is usually set no later than the date of the first anniversary of the agreement, as HMRC has issued guidelines for the long-term shutdown date to be no more than one year if the ASA is to be considered qualified for SEIS or EIS. If you are in one of these camps, you have the option of obtaining funds through convertible bonds (CLNs) which are debt securities that can be converted into shares in the future. Or you go to the ASA, which means you would receive equity subscription funds in advance, but your company would be valued in the next funding cycle – and issued shares. In other words, under an ASA, an investor agrees to buy shares in your business (i.e.: You can finance them with equity), but you don`t spend the shares immediately.