SuperHero Showdown

April 7th, 2019



The Black Order

Want to defeat Captain America and the Avengers as badly as I do?

Lets have a blast while playing as the bad guy.

Look no further, join The Black Order and help restore balance to the universe. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.



The Avengers seek heroes! Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.

Captain America (Brandon Lamie of DBS) is recruiting paintballers far and wide for the upcoming “Superhero showdown”!

Preregister now to join in the fight against Thanos (Matt Keenan of DBS) and the Black Order!

Join either side dressed as your favorite hero or villain, or get creative and be the hero you’ve always dreamed of!

Free Lunch

Courtesy of the GI Brigade Program!

G.I. SPORTZ was created by former players whose paintball lives originated in the woods darting through the trees, crawling creek beds, creeping through palmettos. With programs created to enhance the tournament players experience, it only made sense to unify the players of the game we love with a universal program directed at the avid recreational player who is looking to be part of the paintball community.

GI Sportz will be providing a FREE LUNCH to those that attend the Battle of Stalingrad event!

Brigade Program

Register and receive an Operator style Velcro Hat, Tech T-Shirt, Patch, ID card, and lanyard.

Register for the Brigade Program!

Round One

Gather Infinity Stones

Round Length



1 Point for every 5 shards (tennis ball) collected.

Starting Points

Avengers start in Yellow Castle.

The Black Order starts in Red Castle

The Game

Spread over the field are ‘shards’ (tennis balls) of the Infinity Stones. Each team must collect shards in order to protect the infinity stones (Avengers) or assemble them (Black Order).  They will be brought back to a location outside of each spawn point.

Refs will have 10-20 tennis balls to be dispersed along the front lines throughout the match.

Infinity Stones can be stolen by the other team and must be protected.

Round Two

Battle for Wakanda

Round Length



10 points to the round winner.

Starting Points

Avengers start & respawn from the Blue Castle.

The Black Order starts & respawns at the post office.

The Game

The Black Order must breach Wakanda and take control of Vision and bring him back to Entry Point 1 to win the round.

The Avengers must keep the 'shields' to Wakanda up and protect Vision to win the round.

Setup along what is used for the second line of defense for BOS are 3 slap stick stations.  These slapstick stations control Wakanda’s ‘shield’. In order to cross at a section, your team must be in control of the station.  These stations can change control at any point in the game.

Round Three

Forge Stormbreaker

Round Length



1 point per slapstick station at the 10-minute mark, 20-minute mark, and 30-minute mark.

3 points for every crate collected.

Starting Points

Avengers start & respawn from the Red Castle.

The Black Order starts & respawns at the Yellow Castle.

The Game

Located equally between the bases are 3 slapstick stations. Each team must take control of these. Also located on the field will be 3 crates that must be collected by each team and brought back to their base. These will be spawned by a ref at the 10-15-20 minute mark. Once collected, they are removed from play.


Avengers: hold all 3 forge stations and gather the required metal to forge Stormbreaker.

The Black Order: Hold all 3 forge stations and destroy the material for Stormbreaker.

Round Four

Stop the Snap

Round Length



The Avengers: 10 points for eliminated Thanos, 2 points for each slapstick controlled at the end of the game.

Black Order: 2 points for each time Captain America is eliminated (max 5), 2 points for each slapstick controlled at the end of the game.

Starting Points

The Avengers start and respawn just in front of Entry Point 1.

The Black Order starts and respawns at the Blue (back) castle and 3 designated locations.

The Game

The Avengers must push through the Black Order lines in order to make their way to Thanos. Three Slapstick stations will be setup that will control where the Black Order can respawn. If the slapsticks are changed color, the Black Order can no longer respawn in that location. In order for the Avengers to succeed, they must eliminate Thanos (only headshots count).

The Black Order succeeds if Captain America is eliminated 5 times.

Event Pricing


$20 with DBS Paint only

$40 with any BYOP

Basic Rental

$40 for admission, rental gun, rental mask, 500 paintballs

Upgrade Rental

$50 for admission, upgraded rental gun, rental mask, 500 paintballs

Paintball Pricing

DBS Field

$50 when pre purchased

$60 on-site

El Tigre

$60 when pre purchased

$70 on-site


$65 when pre purchased

$75 on-site

First Strike Round Pricing

YES! We allow FSR at our games!

FSR (100 count)

FSR (250 count)